The End

This is the final post of The Core Blog, and I’ve written and re-written it a dozen times in my head. Sometimes it was going to be epic and unforgettable, sometimes it was going to be brief and succinct. It’s taken on so many flavors and so many moods: lofty, wistful, pedantic, narrative, critical, introspective […]

A Bad Day for Jesus

Following is an imagined conversation between God the Father, and Jesus the Son on May 21, 2011: Father: It’s time, my Son. Jesus: Time for what now? Father: It’s May 21, 2011. Time for the Rapture. You know… Judgment Day. Jesus: Wait… what? You mean that psycho on the radio was right?? Father: Yep… Harold […]

The Genuine Jesus

I spent some quality time with my buddy Photoshop a few weeks ago, and this is what came out. It’s a title graphic for the series we recently started on Sunday mornings at the Front Porch called (as you can see) “Rav Yeshua: The Genuine Jesus.” I struggled with the choice of image to represent […]

ALL NEW Wednesdays!

So the FroPo has been closed for a few weeks (although, during that time we’ve had three Sunday Gatherings, two going-away parties, a birthday party and a generalized get-together. Maybe “closed” is the wrong word.) At any rate, most of our normal weekly activities have been on break, along with the students. But before we […]

Reality Calling

“Why don’t you stay here with me?” “Why? Because you’re not Real.” So goes a dream-state dialogue toward the end of the movie Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Although I’m not an avid movie watcher, I have noticed a recurring question amongst psychological thrillers lately; the question of: “What is Real?” Another example is provided by […]

Seven Ways to Change the World

Are you one of those diehard Do-It-Yourselfers? If you’re like me, you’ve gotten a bit fed up with all the socalled experts running around trying to fix the planet, and have decided it’s time to step up and, well, do it yourself. So I’d like to offer you Seven Simple Ways to Change the World, […]

The Old School, part 2

Read The Old School, part 1 I’m right in the middle of a book called Surprised by Joy, a theological autobiography by C.S. Lewis that I’m certain was the inspiration for Donald Miller‘s unique approach to Blue Like Jazz. One portion of Lewis’ book describes his struggle with, and against, the philosophies of the Christian […]

The Old School, part 1

I never thought the sight of cows grazing in a field would nearly make me weep. I never thought a lot of things. The first four days of this week I spent in Colorado Springs, attending an orientation of sorts for new ministers in the Christian & Missionary Alliance. The impact these days had on […]