Clubbing at the FroPo

Clubbing is a big deal in downtown Springfield. It’s been going on all around us, and we’re finally giving in. We fought so hard for so long, but finally figured, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The result: you can now go clubbing at the FroPo! Lest I cause any confusion, allow me to […]

Walking Abbi

Yesterday the weather was perfect, and my wife was sorely in need of a quiet house for a nap. So I took our perpetual puppy, a black lab mix named Abbi, out for a long walk. Usually when I want to take her for a long walk, I’ll go to Commercial Street. It’s the most […]

La Comunidad Autentica

Several weeks ago, my boss hired a new employee named Diana to help out with the increasing workload. She is from Mexico, and has been a legal resident of the United States most of her life. Fortunately, she’s happy to answer our questions about her home country, and her first language. A week or two […]

Starbucks: A Follow-up

This post is a continuation of Starbucks: Keeping a Tight Lid on Freedom of Speech. Following is the overly tactful and judicious e-mail I received from Starbucks Customer Relations: Ryan, Starbucks is committed to contributing to our communities and to the environment. We provide our support through monetary contributions, product donations and through The Starbucks […]

The Bizarro Front Porch

I’ve been aware for some time of a coffeehouse church called The Freeway, in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, which opened in October of 2005. As you’ll see in this thorough piece of journalism, it’s a great place for building community and “hangin’ oot”. [youtube=] I hope there are no hard feelings from our neighbors to the […]