A Body In Motion

A day in LA, and millions of faces are looking for movement ‘Cause everything’s stuck and everything’s frozen And everyone’s broken and nobody moves And everyone’s scared that the motion will never come… This is the incompletion, stuck in a line Love is the Movement / Love is a Revolution This is Redemption / We […]

A Patch for Humanity

A patient will come to you at his moment of greatest dread, hand you a knife and say, “Doctor, cut me open.” Why? Because he trusts you. He trusts you the way a child trusts. He trusts you to do no harm. The sad fact is: human beings are not worthy of trust. It is […]

The Office: Games in Real Life

NBC’s The Office“The Coup”Episode 3002 | Season 3 | 10/05/2006 Synopsis: Michael had made it a point to have Movie Monday every week. He called the office into the conference room to watch a 30-minute installment of Varsity Blues, but Jan made an unexpected visit and did not like what she saw. Angela had Dwight […]

Soft-Sell Tacos

Note: This post is adapted from an e-mail about Socrates Cafe, that I wrote to a fellow leader at The Core. Funny thing… Somebody came into the print shop I work at yesterday afternoon talking about how he wanted to start an evangelistic hangout for youth, and he mentioned the Front Porch as a place […]

Christianity and the Maps of War

I was thinking about Christianity as an institution; as an establishment, versus Christianity as a Spiritual Commitment, and I ran across this short video. All that blue area… how did that happen? Was it a result of the Spirit-driven success of missionaries? At first, with splotches of blue throughout Israel, Asia Minor (Turkey) and Southern […]