Another Stupid Bible Study

There are no wacky coffeehouses in Springfield. I’ve been to some crazy little java joints in Kansas City and St. Louis with lots of edgy art, painfully miscellaneous furniture, parental advisory music, lengthy vegan menus, and baristas with tattoos on their faces. This will never be the case in my city, because the Springfield coffee […]

The History of Pop

Your water is Pop, if you’re an American fish. It’s the very thing that gives you breath and existence. It is, more or less, the air you breathe.This is really the case for any worldview. Everybody’s got one, and some people even have a name for it: Rationalism, Existentialism, Theism, Nihilism, or… Pop. Pop Culture. […]

If Socrates Were to Start a Band…

Before I forget, I want to list some of the band-name ideas that have arisen from our intense-yet-meandering discussions at Socrates Cafe the last two Wednesdays. (Explanations are in parentheses.) Evil Cheeses (Kraft Singles and their connection to Big Tobacco.) Dr. Sudafed and the Beta Fish (two things you can’t buy in large quantities without […]

Soft-Sell Tacos

Note: This post is adapted from an e-mail about Socrates Cafe, that I wrote to a fellow leader at The Core. Funny thing… Somebody came into the print shop I work at yesterday afternoon talking about how he wanted to start an evangelistic hangout for youth, and he mentioned the Front Porch as a place […]


I hardly ever do endorsements on this blog, and even more rarely are they of a commercial nature. However, I need to take one post here to brag on my friend Charles Whitehead. Back in 2007, when the Front Porch was under construction, Charles donated many hours of his time and effort to construct our […]

A Picturesque Weekend

This was a rather full weekend for the Front Porch. Friday night was a packed out concert feature Mike Zalewski, Baked Alaska, Benefit of a Doubt, and Vacation Tee Shirt in that order. Saturday night was our Community Christmas Dinner, which was also packed (although you may not be able to tell by the photos.) […]

The Story Has a Middle

If there’s one book I’ve started and finished more than any other, it’s The Cross and the Switchblade, by David Wilkerson. I recall the first time clearly; reading about the author’s refuge for troubled teens in the ghettos of Brooklyn, and the times when they had nothing to carry them over from one day to […]

Clubbing at the FroPo

Clubbing is a big deal in downtown Springfield. It’s been going on all around us, and we’re finally giving in. We fought so hard for so long, but finally figured, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The result: you can now go clubbing at the FroPo! Lest I cause any confusion, allow me to […]