Not Alone

Despite the apparent uniqueness of the Front Porch, it is great to see that there are others out there dreaming and doing the Way of Jesus in ways we can relate to. Back in December I wrote about one example of this located in Hamilton, Ontario, called The Freeway. And just now I read a […]

The Bizarro Front Porch

I’ve been aware for some time of a coffeehouse church called The Freeway, in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, which opened in October of 2005. As you’ll see in this thorough piece of journalism, it’s a great place for building community and “hangin’ oot”. [youtube=] I hope there are no hard feelings from our neighbors to the […]

Hit the Lights, Mitch Hedberg!

Been too busy to write anything creative this week, and here’s why… HIT THE LIGHTS Benefit Fashion Show This Saturday, December 8, 8 pm (doors open at 6:30) Tickets are $7 at the Front Porch, Vintage Vice and Mojo Pie Salon But unless you’ve been under some sort of pet rock, you know about […]

Another Write-up for The Core

I almost missed this one, in the November 2 News-Leader… Here’s our portion of the article, in case the link gets archived, and becomes unavailable: On a recent weekend night, the Front Porch on South Avenue was filled with young people hanging out on couches, playing board games and perusing a selection of books […]