I. Am. Job.

In what can now be considered a “classic” comedy, Robin Williams invents a few hilarious characters on the phone before concocting the iconic Mrs. Doubtfire. Consequently, his wife’s initial inquiries into a nanny for her children are met with lines like “Are your kids well-behaved, or do they need, like, a few light slams every […]

The Weight of God

Last Sunday I spoke about Adam. It made a natural first installment to my new message series called “Profiles in Redemption”. The idea is to take a journey through the lives of 10 of the most important characters in the Bible, and see how their stories weave into the great story of Redemption. In the […]

The Swiss Cheese Curse

“Brendon… the ground you walk on is cursed, and no matter what kind of job you have, it will suck in one way or another. And chances are, most months there will be more month than there is money. “Kara… you’ll probably give birth to children someday, but without drugs the pain will make you […]

Red Letter Ramblings

One very formidable trend that has developed with Generations X and Y (for lack of better terms) is the desire to be a “Red-Letter Christian”. For the uninitiated, many editions of the Bible print the words of Jesus in red, and the rest of the words in black. If there are any accountants or finance-types […]

Reality Bites

Here’s the scoop. I’m too much of a post-modernist to believe that every question has, or needs, a pat answer. Or that only those with sufficient and acceptable education should have a voice. Or that the arts are nothing more than helpful illustrations in an otherwise serious book. But I’m too much of a modernist […]

A Fashionable Faith

One very good way to seem holier-than-thou is to be unattractive. You may be one of the few individuals who have had the misfortune of being born beautiful, and have to take deliberate steps to be homely. I recommend wearing thick, heavy glasses, tangling up your hair, eating poorly, adopting a sedentary lifestyle, and replacing […]