Yes, And

The more I get to know the guys from The Skinny Improv here in downtown Springfield, the more I keep hearing the phrase “Yes, And.” Tyler Snodgrass first mentioned it to me at Rob Hunt‘s birthday party, while explaining some principles of improvisational comedy. Then I heard Jeff Jenkins, the founder of The Skinny, talking […]

A Bad Day for Jesus

Following is an imagined conversation between God the Father, and Jesus the Son on May 21, 2011: Father: It’s time, my Son. Jesus: Time for what now? Father: It’s May 21, 2011. Time for the Rapture. You know… Judgment Day. Jesus: Wait… what? You mean that psycho on the radio was right?? Father: Yep… Harold […]

Top Ten Terrible Ideas for a Themed Party

Lately I’ve been astounded by the sheer ubiquity of the “Themed Party”, to the point where it’s become unthinkable to have a party without a zany theme. So as you’re planning your next shin-dig, allow me to help steer you clear of some potential pitfalls as I offer my original “Top Ten Terrible Ideas for […]

Bridezilla of Christ

I’ve had weddings on the brain lately. Mainly, because four couple-friends of mine recently asked me to marry them. But also because two new bridal shops just opened on the same block as the print shop where I work (in addition to the two already in our neighborhood.) Occasionally I’ll wonder what it’s like to […]

Retail Nation

To read the answers, just highlight the space between the brackets Where can you buy… modern gadgets for navigating Himalayan high-roads?[The Sherpa Image] trendy furniture AND Powerball tickets[Lottery Barn] accessories for fire stations?[Brass Pole Shops] a narrow assortment of tribal weaponry?[Spear One] lunch at the home of the throwed hamburgers?[Burger Fling] a wide variety of […]

If Socrates Were to Start a Band…

Before I forget, I want to list some of the band-name ideas that have arisen from our intense-yet-meandering discussions at Socrates Cafe the last two Wednesdays. (Explanations are in parentheses.) Evil Cheeses (Kraft Singles and their connection to Big Tobacco.) Dr. Sudafed and the Beta Fish (two things you can’t buy in large quantities without […]