Walking Abbi

Yesterday the weather was perfect, and my wife was sorely in need of a quiet house for a nap. So I took our perpetual puppy, a black lab mix named Abbi, out for a long walk. Usually when I want to take her for a long walk, I’ll go to Commercial Street. It’s the most […]

The Infinity T-Shirt

I’d been joking for several weeks about making a shirt like this. So I finally went ahead and did it. I can make you one with your face on it if you want. Just e-mail me. Update: I had a request for a shirt from a guy living outside my hometown of Springfield, MO. In […]

Theologisticianists, Unite!

Biology — Biologist Psychology — Psychologist Zoology — Zoologist Proctology — Butt Doctor Proctologist Sociology — Sociologist Theology — Did you say Theologist? Maybe you were tempted to, before quickly realizing that the word is, in fact, Theologian. Can you think of any other words that end in “-logian”? Really… I dare you to find […]

Happy Mandatory Romance Day!

Just in case you weren’t present at the Front Porch on Sunday, I’m going to share a few slides with you that I used to make fun of Valentine’s Day. If you were there, just scroll down, because this post is not entirely redundant. Let me begin with a few images that may bring a […]

Hit the Lights, Mitch Hedberg!

Been too busy to write anything creative this week, and here’s why… HIT THE LIGHTS Benefit Fashion Show This Saturday, December 8, 8 pm (doors open at 6:30) Tickets are $7 at the Front Porch, Vintage Vice and Mojo Pie Salon www.thecoredowntown.com/fashion But unless you’ve been under some sort of pet rock, you know about […]

Doctrine of Original Spanking

I was listening to a Mark Driscoll sermon a moment ago, where he was talking about how people seem to know everything about parenting until they actually have a kid. He was making fun of how they talk: “You gotta have a schedule, y’know… feed ’em at 4, spank ’em at 5, pray over ’em […]