Socrates Cafe

Today I submitted a “press release” of sorts to the Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader regarding our bi-weekly Socrates Cafe discussion group. It remains to be seen what they will actually do with it, but here it is anyway: Springfield residents Ryan & Christina Wiksell began in September 2005 to gather those interested in discussing a wide […]

God Hates Fred Phelps (?)

“God Hates America”“Too Late To Pray”“God Is Your Enemy”“America Is Doomed”“Thank God for [Dead Soldiers, 9/11, IEDs] Free speech run amok. It’s hard to get angry at the news anymore. So much murder, death, corruption, spin, extortion, starvation, hopelessness… you can’t care about all of it and keep your nerves intact. Desensitization is the consequence […]