The History of Pop

Your water is Pop, if you’re an American fish. It’s the very thing that gives you breath and existence. It is, more or less, the air you breathe.This is really the case for any worldview. Everybody’s got one, and some people even have a name for it: Rationalism, Existentialism, Theism, Nihilism, or… Pop. Pop Culture. […]

A Picturesque Weekend

This was a rather full weekend for the Front Porch. Friday night was a packed out concert feature Mike Zalewski, Baked Alaska, Benefit of a Doubt, and Vacation Tee Shirt in that order. Saturday night was our Community Christmas Dinner, which was also packed (although you may not be able to tell by the photos.) […]


At the risk of gloating, I would like to make all of you aware that I am going to the Radiohead concert in St. Louis on May 14. Tickets went on sale on a Saturday morning in the middle of February, and my wife and I were sitting at the computer, poised to obtain tickets […]

Fortress Maximus and the Marching Band

Last night’s QAF Session was my favorite so far. There was me, Steve, Tim, Latisha, Lindsey, Jarred, TJ, Tabitha, Jason, Snow, and Mik. And everybody contributed in some fashion. Towards the end, I wanted to talk about my passion for following Jesus, and how it’s not something that can be done in solitude. That’s when […]