Law, Grace and Illegal Immigration

I really don’t think the migration debate will ever end… either in this country or any other. Some countries are debating how to control immigration (people coming in) and others are more worried about emigration (people leaving.) But I imagine just about every country is happy when the right people (the ethnically and religiously acceptable, […]

Two and a Half Lesbians?

Six years into his vice-presidency, I can finally say that I’m proud of Dick Cheney. Sure, he’s had his bright spots. We all smirked when he retreated to his “undisclosed location.” We all laughed when he finally represented the true feelings of Americans by shooting a lawyer. And we all smiled when he announced his […]

Do-It-Yourself Attack Ad Kit!

Hey kids! You know those rabid, virulently negative political ads you see on tv? Have you ever wanted to make one of your own, but didn’t know how? Well, now’s your chance, with our patented… DO-IT-YOURSELF ATTACK AD KIT! In just four simple steps you can be slinging mud with the best of them! Step […]

Roe v. Wade, Love v. Power

I am about as pro-life as they come. I believe that each abortion is the termination of innocent life, otherwise known as murder. I don’t believe that this is any business of the federal government or federal courts, therefore Roe v. Wade should be repealed, leaving the issue up to each individual state. If Missouri […]

Working On Your Serve

So you want to be a servant… What’s the opposite of classify? Declassify, of course.What’s the opposite of regulate? Deregulate.Humidify? Dehumidify.Sensitize? Desensitize. What about Serve? What’s the opposite of that? In the late 1780s, America’s founding fathers were trying desperately to get our government off the ground. But it wasn’t until 1791 that the first […]

A Passive-Digressive Political Rant

Forgive the total irrelevance of this post to my published purpose. But I had something to say, and this blog is my soapbox, so here we go… I am resigned to the fact that, in its current state, the United States Congress can accomplish nothing worthwhile. The Republicans are practically all up for sale, and […]

God Hates Fred Phelps (?)

“God Hates America”“Too Late To Pray”“God Is Your Enemy”“America Is Doomed”“Thank God for [Dead Soldiers, 9/11, IEDs] Free speech run amok. It’s hard to get angry at the news anymore. So much murder, death, corruption, spin, extortion, starvation, hopelessness… you can’t care about all of it and keep your nerves intact. Desensitization is the consequence […]