I. Am. Job.

In what can now be considered a “classic” comedy, Robin Williams invents a few hilarious characters on the phone before concocting the iconic Mrs. Doubtfire. Consequently, his wife’s initial inquiries into a nanny for her children are met with lines like “Are your kids well-behaved, or do they need, like, a few light slams every […]

Chicago Homily

Last month (June 11, 2010, to be exact) my wife Christina and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate the wedding of our friends Lisa-Marie and Mircea. Christina was the Matron of Honor, and I was the Co-Officiant, with the task of delivering the homily, which is like a formal mini-sermon.

Moving Day Confessions

Bless me, Father… it’s been 5 months and 2 days since my last blog post. I’ve felt it, too. I miss the constant outlet I used to have. But lately I’ve just had these thoughts, and composed entire blog posts in my mind, but never typed them out. I just selfishly kept all these thoughts […]

The Party Ends in Hell

South & Walnut, Downtown Springfield – View Larger Map “I’m going to ask you for the ninth time. Have you really sought God’s direction as to whether this is the message he has for you to give these people?” “Jesus was very clear…” “No. I’m asking you a personal question. Have you prayed about this? […]


I know I’ve been neglectful of the blog this past month, so here’s a good way to ease back into blogging mode. Check out a few pictures here from our trip to Nebraska at the beggining of July. You can see the rest of the album on Facebook if we’re Facebook friends. Christina and I […]


Please pray for my dad. He was on his bicycle yesterday, and was almost home when he hit a slick patch on a turn and wiped out. My mom tells me that he laid there for a minute, in shock, until a fellow pastor and his wife drove by and noticed him there. They were […]

San Francisco

OK… I know this trip was almost 2 months ago. But I really wanted to share some photos and thoughts with you about our day in San Francisco. I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking for a change. Here goes… We stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to […]