Waste It All

I meant to write you a Merry Christmas post, but I didn’t. I meant to tell you more about my life and thoughts these last few days. But I didn’t. These two things are actually related. So let me express my hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, and that your New Year’s celebrations are […]

The Story Has a Middle

If there’s one book I’ve started and finished more than any other, it’s The Cross and the Switchblade, by David Wilkerson. I recall the first time clearly; reading about the author’s refuge for troubled teens in the ghettos of Brooklyn, and the times when they had nothing to carry them over from one day to […]

Walking Abbi

Yesterday the weather was perfect, and my wife was sorely in need of a quiet house for a nap. So I took our perpetual puppy, a black lab mix named Abbi, out for a long walk. Usually when I want to take her for a long walk, I’ll go to Commercial Street. It’s the most […]

To Be Part of the Ocean

I’m sitting at the soundboard at the Front Porch, a concert is underway, and I just finished the last pages of Mitch Albom’s 1997 book, Tuesdays with Morrie. It’s gotten a lot of acclaim, this book has. Everybody who reads it speaks highly of it, as a heart-wrenching account of an author’s renewed relationship with […]

Not Alone

Despite the apparent uniqueness of the Front Porch, it is great to see that there are others out there dreaming and doing the Way of Jesus in ways we can relate to. Back in December I wrote about one example of this located in Hamilton, Ontario, called The Freeway. And just now I read a […]


At the risk of gloating, I would like to make all of you aware that I am going to the Radiohead concert in St. Louis on May 14. Tickets went on sale on a Saturday morning in the middle of February, and my wife and I were sitting at the computer, poised to obtain tickets […]

The Count

It’s not about the numbers. It never has been. Of course, if you follow this blog at all, you know that already. But saying it is a whole lot easier than meaning it. I made a commitment last year to never count people unless there was an important practical reason. Estimations are less dangerous, but […]