To Be Part of the Ocean

I’m sitting at the soundboard at the Front Porch, a concert is underway, and I just finished the last pages of Mitch Albom’s 1997 book, Tuesdays with Morrie. It’s gotten a lot of acclaim, this book has. Everybody who reads it speaks highly of it, as a heart-wrenching account of an author’s renewed relationship with […]


into a forgettable spacewe enter our feet, our kneessome other partsfeeling rather beige, off-whitelike the walls into a utilitarian spacewe bring our raw materialslugged about throughout the weekthe monthdon’t askit’s unspoken there is a layer of shimmering humanitythat hovers close to Godand soaks up his lightrefracting it a billion waysit stands for his honorand falls […]

Snippets from QAF

Last night’s QAF Session was truly amazing. We had between 7 and 12 people there, as there was always some coming-and-going. The quotes that follow are not guaranteed for accuracy. That, and privacy, are two reasons I don’t credit the source of each quote. Some quotes are actually mash-ups of the comments of two or […]