Theologisticianists, Unite!

Biology — Biologist Psychology — Psychologist Zoology — Zoologist Proctology — Butt Doctor Proctologist Sociology — Sociologist Theology — Did you say Theologist? Maybe you were tempted to, before quickly realizing that the word is, in fact, Theologian. Can you think of any other words that end in “-logian”? Really… I dare you to find […]

Don’t Call Me That

If you look at our website, brochure, business cards, etc, you will see that word behind my name. Pastor. Despite all the title-wrangling that’s gone on with the emerging church movement, I think one title that has stayed fairly well intact is the word Pastor. Assuming we even knew what it meant to begin with. […]

In the Land of Broken Words

A few months ago, I wrote a song called “In the land of broken toys”, reminiscent of the rejects portrayed in the claymation film “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. A land of broken toys is a very plausible fiction for anyone who knows more than a few children personally. Children break toys. It’s a fact. Maybe […]

However and Ever, Amen.

One of the (many) nails I’m always hammering is the idea of “balance”. I believe the error most often lies in the extremes, and the healthy view is in the center. Of course there are plenty of exceptions, but it’s a good concept to keep in mind. So I’ve recently discovered that, in my (or […]

What the Hell?

1. “You’re doing a hell of a job.”2. “I had a hell of a day.”3. “It’s cold as hell in here.”4. “It’s hot as hell in here.”5. “I’ve just been through hell and back.”6. “See you in hell!” One of the beautiful things about the English language is that we have a way of coming […]

Working On Your Serve

So you want to be a servant… What’s the opposite of classify? Declassify, of course.What’s the opposite of regulate? Deregulate.Humidify? Dehumidify.Sensitize? Desensitize. What about Serve? What’s the opposite of that? In the late 1780s, America’s founding fathers were trying desperately to get our government off the ground. But it wasn’t until 1791 that the first […]