Another Stupid Bible Study

There are no wacky coffeehouses in Springfield. I’ve been to some crazy little java joints in Kansas City and St. Louis with lots of edgy art, painfully miscellaneous furniture, parental advisory music, lengthy vegan menus, and baristas with tattoos on their faces. This will never be the case in my city, because the Springfield coffee […]

Chicago Homily

Last month (June 11, 2010, to be exact) my wife Christina and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate the wedding of our friends Lisa-Marie and Mircea. Christina was the Matron of Honor, and I was the Co-Officiant, with the task of delivering the homily, which is like a formal mini-sermon.

The Mustard Tree

I don’t like mustard. Even brown mustard is something I usually avoid, and I am most definitely not a fan of the yellow stuff. But I got a fresh glimpse of the mustard tree this morning, and I want to share my thoughts about it. Mark 4:30-32 has Jesus talking about the tiny mustard seed, […]

A Body In Motion

A day in LA, and millions of faces are looking for movement ‘Cause everything’s stuck and everything’s frozen And everyone’s broken and nobody moves And everyone’s scared that the motion will never come… This is the incompletion, stuck in a line Love is the Movement / Love is a Revolution This is Redemption / We […]

The Prism

Here’s another thought about what we can learn from the Jewish Festivals, which just happens to be the topic of my current message series. If you were there last Sunday, or if you get my newsletter, this will not sound so new to you. But nevertheless, it is original. Many Christians dismiss the Jewish festivals […]