Use Only As Directed

There are four ways to use any given medication: The Deadly Way – This is simple… overdose. Or if you’re a real expert, combine it with other medications or chemicals, and create a killer cocktail. A scaled-back subset of the Deadly Way is the Harmful Way, which might involve developing an addiction, or doing something […]

Yes, Jesus Married a Prostitute

Anybody remember, a little over a year ago, the media went nuts over a documentary called “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”? Here there was claimed to be solid proof not only that Jesus died and stayed dead, but that he was married to a woman named Mary or “Mariamne”. Anybody remember, about five years ago, […]

The Swiss Cheese Curse

“Brendon… the ground you walk on is cursed, and no matter what kind of job you have, it will suck in one way or another. And chances are, most months there will be more month than there is money. “Kara… you’ll probably give birth to children someday, but without drugs the pain will make you […]

Red Letter Ramblings

One very formidable trend that has developed with Generations X and Y (for lack of better terms) is the desire to be a “Red-Letter Christian”. For the uninitiated, many editions of the Bible print the words of Jesus in red, and the rest of the words in black. If there are any accountants or finance-types […]

The Question of Suffering

Yesterday my boss had to take the day off because he pinched his sciatic nerve. Normally he provides the office music from his iTunes, which can include anything from Johnny Cash to the Beastie Boys. But yesterday was quiet most of the day, so eventually I decided to turn on our local NPR station, and […]

Fruits of the Flesh

For the fruit of the flesh is: Romance, Happiness, Compromise, Coolness, Friendliness, Social Awareness, Security, and Autonomy Let’s see them side by side: SPIRIT——–FLESH Love———-RomanceJoy———–HappinessPeace———CompromisePatience——CoolnessKindness——FriendlinessGoodness——Social AwarenessFaithfulness–SecuritySelf-Control–AutonomyEach fruit of the flesh is a counterfeit. It can be easy to see them as worthy of our effort, or even as equivalent to what the Spirit desires. I […]

A Fashionable Faith

One very good way to seem holier-than-thou is to be unattractive. You may be one of the few individuals who have had the misfortune of being born beautiful, and have to take deliberate steps to be homely. I recommend wearing thick, heavy glasses, tangling up your hair, eating poorly, adopting a sedentary lifestyle, and replacing […]