Imagine you’re a city planner. If you like the NBC Sit-com “Parks and Recreation“, imagine you’re the departed character Mark Brendanawicz. (Yes, I had to look up his name to spell it.) You’ve grown accustomed, over the years, to car-centric demands, like adequate parking, traffic flow, collision reduction, etc, etc. But one day, it seems […]

Community Christmas Dinner

This Saturday, December 4, represents The Core Fellowship’s first big multi-church project. We’re teaming up with Emmaus Church, Canvas Church (both downtown) and East Sunshine Church of Christ to put on a big Community Christmas Dinner at the Veridian Event Center (a brand new place across the street from the Front Porch.) It’s a gorgeous […]

Center-City Springfield: East Commercial St.

The second place our photographic tour of Center-City Springfield will take us is East Commercial Street. If you have not read the introduction to this tour, now would be the time for that. When North Springfield was founded, it was located on this street, around its intersections with Jefferson and Benton Streets, which are on […]