The Soma Center (part 2)

Continued from Part 1 This network would be the heartbeat behind the Soma Centers. And the Centers would be a tangible manifestation of a unified network of believers. Here are some potential details for the network, apart from what I wrote in the post I just linked to. 1a) Members – Individuals who feel a […]

The Soma Center (part 1)

“If God is with you, make your plans big.” -D.L. Moody Ever since God steered me away from the path of professional music ministry, and toward the ideals of The Core, I have been steadily losing my far-sightedness. In other words, I’m still not sure I know what I want to be when I grow […]

San Francisco

OK… I know this trip was almost 2 months ago. But I really wanted to share some photos and thoughts with you about our day in San Francisco. I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking for a change. Here goes… We stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to […]

Plug It In (2x)

Last night Christina, John, Sondra and I had a meeting with two leaders of the MidAmerica District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, Rodger and Tom. In case you’re not aware, The Core is considering affiliating with the Alliance, for purposes of assistance, accountability, and collaboration. We had a fantastic conversation, largely because these two […]

Don’t Call Me That

If you look at our website, brochure, business cards, etc, you will see that word behind my name. Pastor. Despite all the title-wrangling that’s gone on with the emerging church movement, I think one title that has stayed fairly well intact is the word Pastor. Assuming we even knew what it meant to begin with. […]

Fake China :: Fake Church

I have a friend who is about to travel to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. One of her friends has a brother who is swimming for Tunisia, so she decided to come along for the ride. Last night she was over at our house, telling us about some of the interesting steps the Chinese government […]

The Church Is a Whore, and She Is My Mother

Augustine said it. Every generation is prone to certain superlative assumptions about itself. We are always… the most enlightened, most advanced, most creative, most civilized… AND/OR the most wicked, most degenerate, dumbest, laziest, voted-most-likely-to-usher-in-the-end-of-the-world generation in history. So naturally it surprises us when we look back and see the same attitude in history. Is it […]

The Count

It’s not about the numbers. It never has been. Of course, if you follow this blog at all, you know that already. But saying it is a whole lot easier than meaning it. I made a commitment last year to never count people unless there was an important practical reason. Estimations are less dangerous, but […]