Magic Phrases

I have two feet firmly planted in two different occupations. One is what they call a “day-job” where I’m the production manager and graphic designer at Traders Printing. The other is my a-vocational ministry, where I’m the pastor of The Core Fellowship. One thing they have in common is the importance of really good communication. […]

The Future is Facebook

I’m really thinking about making my weekly newsletter a monthly newsletter. One of the main reasons for this: Facebook. The Core Fellowship has a group for the worship gathering, and the Front Porch has a group for events. On top of that, Socrates Cafe has its own group. The Front Porch events group is one […]

A Body In Motion

A day in LA, and millions of faces are looking for movement ‘Cause everything’s stuck and everything’s frozen And everyone’s broken and nobody moves And everyone’s scared that the motion will never come… This is the incompletion, stuck in a line Love is the Movement / Love is a Revolution This is Redemption / We […]

The Party Ends in Hell

South & Walnut, Downtown Springfield – View Larger Map “I’m going to ask you for the ninth time. Have you really sought God’s direction as to whether this is the message he has for you to give these people?” “Jesus was very clear…” “No. I’m asking you a personal question. Have you prayed about this? […]

A Tulip of Reconciliation

Good news. I’ve found a way to bring Calvinists and Arminians together in only 5 steps. (Sorry Calvinists, no mnemonic flower acrostic for you, this time.) If Calvinists can agree with #1 (and I know they will,) then they should be able to follow me to #5. 1. Christians are the Collection of the Elect. […]

Plug It In (2x)

Last night Christina, John, Sondra and I had a meeting with two leaders of the MidAmerica District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, Rodger and Tom. In case you’re not aware, The Core is considering affiliating with the Alliance, for purposes of assistance, accountability, and collaboration. We had a fantastic conversation, largely because these two […]