Ask a Know-It-All Preacher Man

There are those in the Bible who went through some pretty tough times. If only they could have had a Know-It-All Preacher Man nearby to help them through those times with compassion, clear thinking, and Sound Life Principles from the Bible. Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that all, over even many, preachers are “know-it-alls”. I […]


The Emerging Church has taken a lot of hits for its relationship with the Postmodern mindset, largely in regards to the “softening of truth.” Although it’s obvious that some have abandoned the historic faith, I believe that there are plenty of people in the EC who believe and live out the propositional, orthodox truths of […]

Socrates Cafe

Today I submitted a “press release” of sorts to the Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader regarding our bi-weekly Socrates Cafe discussion group. It remains to be seen what they will actually do with it, but here it is anyway: Springfield residents Ryan & Christina Wiksell began in September 2005 to gather those interested in discussing a wide […]

Spectrum Discipleship

Preface: After some thought, I’ve decided that I will continue the series I began on current trends of the church. However, I won’t continue them back-to-back. I want to wait to learn more about each trend before writing on it. Here at The Core Blog, we insist on quality. Disclaimer: Before I give my shpiel […]