Socrates Cafe

Today I submitted a “press release” of sorts to the Springfield (Missouri) News-Leader regarding our bi-weekly Socrates Cafe discussion group. It remains to be seen what they will actually do with it, but here it is anyway: Springfield residents Ryan & Christina Wiksell began in September 2005 to gather those interested in discussing a wide […]

Game, Set, Match

“Ad in, second serve…” Whack! “Ace!” “Wow… that’s game, set, match, huh?” “Guess so…” you say, still heaving. “Here… have a seat, Joe, you look tired.” “Yeah. I look tired. Are those sweat stains or Rorschach tests?” You laugh and pull out two bottles of gatorade, then throw one right at his head. Joe catches […]

A Passive-Digressive Political Rant

Forgive the total irrelevance of this post to my published purpose. But I had something to say, and this blog is my soapbox, so here we go… I am resigned to the fact that, in its current state, the United States Congress can accomplish nothing worthwhile. The Republicans are practically all up for sale, and […]