One of Us

“The darkest days of World War Two were behind us, but the road ahead was still long and treacherous. As a United States Marine, I was assigned to a rescue operation in a recently liberated French village. Nazi officers had ruthlessly captured and tortured those villagers who stood up to their occupiers. Now they were […]

Do-It-Yourself Attack Ad Kit!

Hey kids! You know those rabid, virulently negative political ads you see on tv? Have you ever wanted to make one of your own, but didn’t know how? Well, now’s your chance, with our patented… DO-IT-YOURSELF ATTACK AD KIT! In just four simple steps you can be slinging mud with the best of them! Step […]

Heathen Repellent

Have you been searching all your Christian life for a sure-fire product that will finally keep those pesky pagans away? Well, look no further! Seriously, though… If you think back to everything you learned about the Church in the era of the Crusades, it’s likely that one strong image will surface in your mind: The […]


Some of you reading this may not know the story of how my wife, Christina and I decided to begin The Core. I graduated from Evangel University with a degree in music, and after Christina graduated, we spent a short time continuing to live here in Springfield. But it was not long until we began […]