“…the children are so hungry for attention that a clutch of 5-year-olds begins to chant in Spanish: “A visit! A visit!” In a nearby bungalow for girls 4 to 6 years old the kids jump into the arms of their visitors, total strangers. Five minutes later, when we attempt to leave, they hold on even […]

Someone Still Mourns You, Boris Yeltsin

Today we mourn a hero among hard-working, hard-drinking, funky-dancing former presidents of former super-power communist conglomerations. Boris Yeltsin died this morning at the age of 76. One finds it difficult to truly grasp the ramifications of such a loss, although three questions do come to mind: “Has the ultra-cool name of the popular Springfield-based band […]

The All New G-Rated Bible!

WARNING: The following post is a joke. You can draw whatever meaning you like from it, as long as you don’t accuse me of being serious. Thank you. “Mommy, what do you mean Noah only took two of every animal?”“Well, honey…“He took two and let the rest of them just drown???““Actually there are some animals […]

Atheists For Jesus

There it is in black-on-white: Atheists for Jesus. So, of course, it’s a joke, right? Probably one of those snarky shirts they sell at Spencer Gifts or something. Except that the man wearing the shirt is no joker. His name is Richard Dawkins, one of the most formidable atheist apologists of modern times. And this […]