The Cross and the Bench

Allow me to paint you a picture. You’ve got two big, flat pieces of wood, and a quasi-church-coffeehouse-type building. The pieces of wood are as old as the building itself. You don’t need them for framing or construction, but they’re too cool and historic to throw away. What do you do with them? One of […]

Did you mean brian wiksell?

I try not to Google myself too often, but I did just a minute ago, and I have to say that I believe I have finally come into my own in this vast and mysterious place we call the internet. Because this is the first time that Google showed me the results for “ryan wiksell” […]

Card Tricks

My brother is in town today from Portland. A rare treat, indeed. Last night we were hanging out at my house with two of our cousins, and my brother, Brendon, was engaging my cousin, Matt, in a card trick. He didn’t remember it very well, so he flubbed through a little. But ultimately he got […]

A Study in Contrasts

John the revelatorJacob the liar Isaiah the oratorMoses the stutterer David the heroPaul the terrorist Ruth the widowSolomon the polygamist Nicodemus the statesmanMary Magdelene the outcast Job the philanthropistJoseph (NT) the peasant Mary the virginRahab the prostitute Joshua the warriorJonah the deserter Samuel the youngSarah the old Daniel the influentialJabez the obscure Abraham the faithfulBathsheba […]

Let Jesus be Jesus to you

I was reading Scot McKnight’s blog, Jesus Creed, and I think he said something really beautiful for those who spend a lot of time in ministry. I’m going to put it in my own words. Those of us in the ministry tend to always think of ourselves as having a responsibility to be Jesus to […]

Ask a Know-It-All Preacher Man

There are those in the Bible who went through some pretty tough times. If only they could have had a Know-It-All Preacher Man nearby to help them through those times with compassion, clear thinking, and Sound Life Principles from the Bible. Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that all, over even many, preachers are “know-it-alls”. I […]