Missio Dei

Lately my conversations have been peppered largely with talk about mission… God’s mission, our mission… and the Latin phrase Missio Dei, which means “Mission of God”.I love that this phrase has become so popular, because it reminds us that, although we do have a mission, it doesn’t actually belong to us. We so often act […]

C.S. Lewis on Salvation

I hear a lot of praise for C.S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity. And I think it is well deserved. But many of those who praise it might well find the following passage (from Book II, Chapter 5) highly disagreeable, and perhaps a deal-breaker. My question is, what do you think? Is it not frightfully unfair […]

Snippets from QAF

Last night’s QAF Session was truly amazing. We had between 7 and 12 people there, as there was always some coming-and-going. The quotes that follow are not guaranteed for accuracy. That, and privacy, are two reasons I don’t credit the source of each quote. Some quotes are actually mash-ups of the comments of two or […]

Fruits of the Flesh

For the fruit of the flesh is: Romance, Happiness, Compromise, Coolness, Friendliness, Social Awareness, Security, and Autonomy Let’s see them side by side: SPIRIT——–FLESH Love———-RomanceJoy———–HappinessPeace———CompromisePatience——CoolnessKindness——FriendlinessGoodness——Social AwarenessFaithfulness–SecuritySelf-Control–AutonomyEach fruit of the flesh is a counterfeit. It can be easy to see them as worthy of our effort, or even as equivalent to what the Spirit desires. I […]

Another Write-up for The Core

I almost missed this one, in the November 2 News-Leader… http://www.news-leader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007711040319 Here’s our portion of the article, in case the link gets archived, and becomes unavailable: On a recent weekend night, the Front Porch on South Avenue was filled with young people hanging out on couches, playing board games and perusing a selection of books […]