A Fashionable Faith

One very good way to seem holier-than-thou is to be unattractive. You may be one of the few individuals who have had the misfortune of being born beautiful, and have to take deliberate steps to be homely. I recommend wearing thick, heavy glasses, tangling up your hair, eating poorly, adopting a sedentary lifestyle, and replacing […]


Let me just say that I had a beautiful day on Sunday. So good, in fact, that it made me wonder what suffering I might have to endure this week to pay for it. I’m joking. But if the Chiefs hadn’t lost, and provided a necessary smudge on an otherwise perfect day, I would be […]

Merge – The Next Six Months

So I’m feeling pretty good about our new Sunday morning set-up… Merge Worship Gathering, 10:30 am, you know… Last Sunday was really beautiful, I think. You should come see for yourself. It was comfortable, it was casual, but also challenging and impactful, too. Everybody got to have a say, get involved, get to know each […]