Clubbing at the FroPo

Clubbing is a big deal in downtown Springfield. It’s been going on all around us, and we’re finally giving in. We fought so hard for so long, but finally figured, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The result: you can now go clubbing at the FroPo! Lest I cause any confusion, allow me to […]

The Prism

Here’s another thought about what we can learn from the Jewish Festivals, which just happens to be the topic of my current message series. If you were there last Sunday, or if you get my newsletter, this will not sound so new to you. But nevertheless, it is original. Many Christians dismiss the Jewish festivals […]

The Google Era

I’ve found a new and better name for the Post-Modern Age: The Google Era. At least for the time being. It seems we’re getting pretty familiar, as a society, with technology changing the way we do things, and the way we think about things. And those of us of in my generation and younger are […]