I hardly ever do endorsements on this blog, and even more rarely are they of a commercial nature. However, I need to take one post here to brag on my friend Charles Whitehead. Back in 2007, when the Front Porch was under construction, Charles donated many hours of his time and effort to construct our […]

The Soma Center (part 2)

Continued from Part 1 This network would be the heartbeat behind the Soma Centers. And the Centers would be a tangible manifestation of a unified network of believers. Here are some potential details for the network, apart from what I wrote in the post I just linked to. 1a) Members – Individuals who feel a […]

A Tulip of Reconciliation

Good news. I’ve found a way to bring Calvinists and Arminians together in only 5 steps. (Sorry Calvinists, no mnemonic flower acrostic for you, this time.) If Calvinists can agree with #1 (and I know they will,) then they should be able to follow me to #5. 1. Christians are the Collection of the Elect. […]

The Soma Center (part 1)

“If God is with you, make your plans big.” -D.L. Moody Ever since God steered me away from the path of professional music ministry, and toward the ideals of The Core, I have been steadily losing my far-sightedness. In other words, I’m still not sure I know what I want to be when I grow […]


Ctrl-Alt-Del is the new message series at The Core Worship Gathering. It will run from March 8 – 29. “Paradigm”. It’s one of those pretentious words you hear in coffeehouses. And since the Front Porch is like a coffeehouse, let’s have at it, shall we? Paradigms are to human thought what water is to a […]