If Socrates Were to Start a Band…

Before I forget, I want to list some of the band-name ideas that have arisen from our intense-yet-meandering discussions at Socrates Cafe the last two Wednesdays. (Explanations are in parentheses.) Evil Cheeses (Kraft Singles and their connection to Big Tobacco.) Dr. Sudafed and the Beta Fish (two things you can’t buy in large quantities without […]


Please pray for my dad. He was on his bicycle yesterday, and was almost home when he hit a slick patch on a turn and wiped out. My mom tells me that he laid there for a minute, in shock, until a fellow pastor and his wife drove by and noticed him there. They were […]

Soft-Sell Tacos

Note: This post is adapted from an e-mail about Socrates Cafe, that I wrote to a fellow leader at The Core. Funny thing… Somebody came into the print shop I work at yesterday afternoon talking about how he wanted to start an evangelistic hangout for youth, and he mentioned the Front Porch as a place […]

Christianity and the Maps of War

I was thinking about Christianity as an institution; as an establishment, versus Christianity as a Spiritual Commitment, and I ran across this short video. All that blue area… how did that happen? Was it a result of the Spirit-driven success of missionaries? At first, with splotches of blue throughout Israel, Asia Minor (Turkey) and Southern […]

Zadok and Zebulun

Note: This is a short story I wrote, which was published at jesusmanifesto.com in November 2007. I did so because that website’s readership is largely unknown to me. For a long time I was hesitant to share this with those I am close to, but I feel like the time is right. Enjoy the story, […]