Retail Nation

To read the answers, just highlight the space between the brackets Where can you buy… modern gadgets for navigating Himalayan high-roads?[The Sherpa Image] trendy furniture AND Powerball tickets[Lottery Barn] accessories for fire stations?[Brass Pole Shops] a narrow assortment of tribal weaponry?[Spear One] lunch at the home of the throwed hamburgers?[Burger Fling] a wide variety of […]

the city is a drunkard

the city is a drunkarddrinking to the dregsa sluggard and a braggartwith a story spat on passers-byan angler clutching a fictitious fishand a smooth finish, far less filling drinking to the dregs of any drink it findsit finds a bud light or a boulevarda blue moon, bass or new belgiumtaking a tonic, sipping a triple […]

A Body In Motion

A day in LA, and millions of faces are looking for movement ‘Cause everything’s stuck and everything’s frozen And everyone’s broken and nobody moves And everyone’s scared that the motion will never come… This is the incompletion, stuck in a line Love is the Movement / Love is a Revolution This is Redemption / We […]

A Patch for Humanity

A patient will come to you at his moment of greatest dread, hand you a knife and say, “Doctor, cut me open.” Why? Because he trusts you. He trusts you the way a child trusts. He trusts you to do no harm. The sad fact is: human beings are not worthy of trust. It is […]

The Party Ends in Hell

South & Walnut, Downtown Springfield – View Larger Map “I’m going to ask you for the ninth time. Have you really sought God’s direction as to whether this is the message he has for you to give these people?” “Jesus was very clear…” “No. I’m asking you a personal question. Have you prayed about this? […]