The Old School, part 2

Read The Old School, part 1 I’m right in the middle of a book called Surprised by Joy, a theological autobiography by C.S. Lewis that I’m certain was the inspiration for Donald Miller‘s unique approach to Blue Like Jazz. One portion of Lewis’ book describes his struggle with, and against, the philosophies of the Christian […]

The Old School, part 1

I never thought the sight of cows grazing in a field would nearly make me weep. I never thought a lot of things. The first four days of this week I spent in Colorado Springs, attending an orientation of sorts for new ministers in the Christian & Missionary Alliance. The impact these days had on […]

Happiness x Infinity + 1

Last night I moderated a discussion group called Theology at the Albatross, and the topic was the Afterlife. My first question was, “If you could pick your own afterlife, what would it be like?” The answer to a question like this tells you a lot about a person. The relational people want to be around […]