Now Taking Questions…

Last Wednesday our QAF Sessions focused on gathering questions from participants, to be used in future QAFs. Here is the list I took down. If you are plan to participate in the QAF Sessions in the near future, please add a question to the comments. If you can’t join us, feel free to add a question anyway, but I will probably be quicker to use questions from participants than non-participants.

I am not a Bible Answer Guru, and I don’t know any. So conclusions and right answers are not really the point here, so please don’t try to answer them in the comments. The point is that we are able to ask these questions, and able to discuss them openly, with no fear of dirty looks for being honest. So here are the questions that were asked Wednesday night.

  • Is there a feminine or female side of God? Does God have a gender at all?
  • The Bible seems to imply that we are judged by what we do. How does salvation by grace fit into that?
  • Is it wrong to be so content with life that you don’t care what happens to you after you die?
  • How reliable is Scripture? Have human hands compromised it in the inscription or translation process? How perfect can our translations possibly be?
  • Why does Biblical history seem absent from academic history books?
  • Is it wrong to focus your education on attaining job security?
  • Is it a sin to do what you want if you don’t know what God wants you to do?
  • Do we have to suffer in order to serve God?
  • What is the point of suffering?
  • Does God cause disaster, as it seems to say in Isaiah 45:7?
  • How do we reckon with some of the disturbing character traits of God?
  • How can we say God is good when he instigates massacres like the flood?
  • How literally should we read the Bible (i.e. “Bind these words upon your head…)


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