Merry Christmas! I Got You Some Slideshows!

I hope that wherever you find yourself this Christmas Day (or later) that you have the peace of Christ with you.

I’ve been storing up some pictures of the Front Porch lately, trying to find the time and energy to put them into slideshows, and upload them to The Core website. So now that I’ve managed to get it done, I’d like to present them as a little Christmas gift from me to you.

These images have been culled from the various and sundry events of 2007, and selected for their artistry, humor, or poignant depiction of the Front Porch experience.

The largest event by far to be hosted by the Front Porch was the Fashion Show. I had to divide the pictures up into 3 slideshows, the first for the event itself, the second for the preparation activities, and the third to show every garment exhibited.

Arguably the second largest event to take place at the Front Porch was the First Friday Spirituality in the Arts event on December 7, the day before. Together with the Fashion Show, it made for a pretty big weekend, which we called “A Weekend of Culture and Compassion”

Recent Concerts

The rest of the slideshows are from three concerts held at the Front Porch over the last month. Enjoy!

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