Let Jesus be Jesus to you

I was reading Scot McKnight’s blog, Jesus Creed, and I think he said something really beautiful for those who spend a lot of time in ministry. I’m going to put it in my own words.

Those of us in the ministry tend to always think of ourselves as having a responsibility to be Jesus to others. And really, that’s true.

But don’t forget to take time to let Jesus be Jesus to you. Or even to let others be Jesus to you.

Next time you’re reading a story of Jesus’ healing or teaching or compassion, instead of identifying with Jesus, identify with those receiving his ministry. Instead of being the healer, be the healed. Instead of being the redeemer, be the redeemed.

Mark Driscoll, founding pastor of Mars Hill Church, has also taken it upon himself to stem the tide of burnt-out ministers. It’s worth a look.

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