I know I’ve been neglectful of the blog this past month, so here’s a good way to ease back into blogging mode.

Check out a few pictures here from our trip to Nebraska at the beggining of July. You can see the rest of the album on Facebook if we’re Facebook friends.

Christina and I at our campsite, on Calamus Lake.

I dropped our digital camera in the sand, and pretty much ruined it. So the next three pictures are from a cheap-o disposable camera, and you can tell. This was the beach at Calamus Lake.

Here’s a skillful self-portrait of me, Christina, and my Grandma, sitting out for Burwell’s city fireworks show on the fourth.

And this is a sample of the undulating landscape of my Grandma’s land, which we hiked around, doing our best to avoid manure and cacti.


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  1. Bummer about your camera, dude. We lost ours about a year ago and had to replace it. Camera shopping is not fun. Lemme know if you need any tips. We got a great deal on a Canon from



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