Please pray for my dad.

He was on his bicycle yesterday, and was almost home when he hit a slick patch on a turn and wiped out. My mom tells me that he laid there for a minute, in shock, until a fellow pastor and his wife drove by and noticed him there. They were able to get out and help him, and he thought he was going to be ok, until he tried to stand up. That’s when he realized something was broken.

Fortunately there was an emergency room literally across the street, and he was quickly diagnosed with a broken hip. So he is there this morning, waiting for hip surgery, where they will set the bones and put in a pin. If experience is any guide, it will be a long recovery. But of course, we’re praying otherwise.

It’s hard to accept this. My dad always seemed sort of invincible. Even though he’s nearly 60, he’s in some of the best shape of his middle-aged life. For at least the past 5 years, he’s been committed to eating healthy and getting a lot of exercise. And of course it’s painfully ironic that the latter would have been the instrument of this injury.

Once again, please pray for this surgery, and that his recovery will be nothing short of miraculous.

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  1. Thanks for the prayers. Day 5 and I’m home and doing quite well. These things always make you realize how much we take for granted and how quickly life can change. I resolve to do better in thanks for the many simple blessings I have. Dad

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