Seven Ways to Change the World

Socrates Cafe SeriesAre you one of those diehard Do-It-Yourselfers? If you’re like me, you’ve gotten a bit fed up with all the socalled experts running around trying to fix the planet, and have decided it’s time to step up and, well, do it yourself. So I’d like to offer you Seven Simple Ways to Change the World, and to do it on-time and under-budget!

Actually, what I’d like to offer you is a new series for Socrates Cafe, the discussion group I lead every Wednesday evening at 7:30, at the Front Porch. We’ll take the next seven weeks before the Thanksgiving Break to figure out how to turn around this lousy civilization, and really make a difference with our lives.

Here are the topics, which may change. (The dates might change, too.)

  1. Feed the Hungry (Oct. 6) The world will not change because of a few politicians, celebrities, or high-minded idealists. It has to work on every level, and currently, most of those levels are starving. It’s hard to make a difference on an empty stomach.
  2. Silence the Violence (Oct. 13) If we’re all going to pull together, we’ll have to do it across racial lines, ethnic lines, religious schisms and political boundaries. In other words, we’ll need to stop exchanging fire, before we can start exchanging ideas.
  3. Save the Environment (Oct. 20) It really doesn’t matter how far we come as a society, if we’ve got nowhere safe to live. How can we be a productive civilization, full of economic opportunity, and still be good stewards of all our resources? There’s got to be a way.
  4. Teach the Children (Oct. 27) Everything begins with education. If the children are indeed our future, then we can predict our salvation or demise as a race, by type of education they receive. Are they learning to love or hate? to build or destroy? to move forward or backward?
  5. Stop the Abuse (Nov. 3) We’ve addressed macro-violence, between one society and its rival. What about the millions of instances of abuse that happen on a daily basis? In particular, we can address the way men treat women and parents treat children. But it goes so far beyond that, doesn’t it?
  6. End the Corruption (Nov. 10) It’s apparent that we won’t get anywhere as long as the few are prospering at the expense of the many. This can mean bad government, bad religion, or bad commerce. How do we bring the rotten few to justice, and release the flow of wealth to society at large?
  7. Cure the Disease (Nov. 17) Of course there’s AIDS and Cancer and water-borne illness, etc. Let’s talk about those, without neglecting the obvious: we are sick as a race. We have a disease that has brought about all these other things, and has kept us from being truly healed. Is there really a panacea that can break the cycle, and change the world?

But, as always, Socrates Cafe is much more about Questions than Answers. So let’s work together to ask all the right questions, and trust that the answers will come in their time. I’d love for you to join us at 7:30 on Wednesday nights, and help us find those questions.

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