The History of Pop

The History of PopYour water is Pop, if you’re an American fish. It’s the very thing that gives you breath and existence. It is, more or less, the air you breathe.This is really the case for any worldview. Everybody’s got one, and some people even have a name for it: Rationalism, Existentialism, Theism, Nihilism, or… Pop.

Pop Culture. What began as an obscure, grassroots movement in the 50s to “stick it to the man” has now been around the world millions of times, and generated trillions of dollars for opportunistic trend-seekers. It has indeed conquered the planet, to become the first truly global culture. But no matter how mainstream Pop becomes, it manages to retain a beating heart of rebellion and a ham-fisted dream of social reform. And yet, the twin claws of commercialism and conformity always lurk nearby.

The History of Pop is a series of six messages intended to delve deeply into the waters of Pop Culture, and step outside of them to see what makes us dress, behave, talk, and think the way we do. And as Jesus calls us deeper into his own worldview, we have to ask ourselves: Does our Pop Culture serve as a conduit to the way of Christ, or an obstacle?

Following are the dates and titles of each of the messages in the series. I hope to see you at the Front Porch on one (or more) of these Sundays…

October 17 – Beatnik

October 24 – Hippie

October 31 – Psychedelic

November 14 – Punk

November 21 – Grunge

November 28 – Indie

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