Community Christmas Dinner

Community Christmas DinnerThis Saturday, December 4, represents The Core Fellowship’s first big multi-church project. We’re teaming up with Emmaus Church, Canvas Church (both downtown) and East Sunshine Church of Christ to put on a big Community Christmas Dinner at the Veridian Event Center (a brand new place across the street from the Front Porch.) It’s a gorgeous venue, and we hope to fill it up with 300 festive folks. Here’s the Facebook event if you want to RSVP.

If you can come, just bring yourself, it’s free! But if you’d like to help out, we could sure use you, especially if you can bring food (email Christina about that.) At 8 pm we’ll have a Christmas Open Mic Night, hosted by James Buse (a double agent for both the FroPo and Emmaus) and anchored by musical duo Sweet September (Samson Jeyakumar and Brenna Womer.) So bring your guitar or other instrument (a keyboard will be provided) and share your Christmas tunes with us!

I’m pretty excited about the event, because I love Christmas, and I love getting to the heart of the holiday by simply having people eat together and enjoy each other’s company in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. And some people just won’t get that any other way.

I know it’s still early in the Christmas season, but allow me to wish you a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a bon appetit! Hope to see you there…

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