ALL NEW Wednesdays!

So the FroPo has been closed for a few weeks (although, during that time we’ve had three Sunday Gatherings, two going-away parties, a birthday party and a generalized get-together. Maybe “closed” is the wrong word.)

At any rate, most of our normal weekly activities have been on break, along with the students. But before we took said break, the Wednesday folks sat down to discuss Wednesday stuff: what we’ve been doing, whether it’s working, and why not try something completely different?

So here’s our “completely different”, in numerical order:

Art Class1. Art Class w/ Brian Hudson – 6 pm

I like “art class” because it reminds me of the fun part of my day in middle school. Brian Hudson is currently our Wednesday evening House Manager, so he was more than happy to get out his art supplies and teach everybody how to draw/sketch/sculpt and make jewelry (precious and semi-precious gems not provided.) This is for everybody who wants to make better art, no matter your current skill level, or lack thereof.

Rotating Workshop

2. Rotating Workshop w/ Ruth Thompson – 7 pm

Ruth is good at a lot of stuff. In particular, she’s good at knowing about nutrition, since she’s been studying it non-stop for years. So we’re going to kick this one off with a Nutrition Workshop for Young and Expecting Mothers. Learn how to eat for the best health of you and your little fetus. Or, if your baby is on the outside already, learn how to feed it so it will grow up and become a star running back, master gardener, or benevolent dictator. Because you are what you eat, right?

Also stay tuned for workshops about knitting!

The Art of Conversation3. The Art of Conversation with Ryan Wiksell (me) – 7:30 pm

This may not seem like a far cry from Socrates Cafe, which I used to lead, but it’s pretty different. Just two blocks from the Front Porch is Missouri State’s Morris Center, where many international students take classes, and congregate. We’ve determined that this is a very underserved group, which often has trouble making connections with the Americans they’ve suddenly become surrounded with. Also, lots of those Americans are seeking opportunities to get to know more people from varied cultural backgrounds (especially in a fairly homogeneous city like Springfield.)

If you’re reading this, I hope you can join us for one of these groups!

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