A Tulip of Reconciliation

Good news.

I’ve found a way to bring Calvinists and Arminians together in only 5 steps. (Sorry Calvinists, no mnemonic flower acrostic for you, this time.)

If Calvinists can agree with #1 (and I know they will,) then they should be able to follow me to #5.

1. Christians are the Collection of the Elect.

2. Another word for Collection is Body, and another word for Elect is Chosen.

3. So Christians are the Body of the Chosen.

4. Another word for Chosen is Anointed, and the Greek word for Anointed is Christos.

5. So Christians are the Body of Christ.

Now, Arminians can simply read this list backwards.

Is it possible that we’re all really saying the same thing?


4 thoughts on “A Tulip of Reconciliation

  1. Hey Ryan, how’s it going! Although your post is very thought provoking, It runs into a problem from the start… The devil would hand you his pitchfork before you could get a Calvinist to give up his TULIP…We’re Kinda stubborn that way…God Bless you and The Fropo…One day I’ll get up off my “big lazy” and Stop in for a visit…Lord willing…

  2. Hey Dorian!I think about you all the time… we sure miss you.And I suppose that’s the Calvinist’s problem, not mine, if he’s more attached to a flower than to his brothers and sisters in Christ. :-)~

  3. EXCELLENT REPLY… and more often than not, a true statement…which is sad. Shame the “L” in the T.U.L.I.P could not be “LOVE” our neighbor…Sometimes, and I notice it as much as anyone, the “Calvinists” are so concerned with truth that they forget to do the first works…evangelism.God Bless you Bryan!

  4. You were right, and then you back-pedaled. LOVE is the most important thing, and it is the “first work”, not evangelism, as you inferred at the end of your comment.And really we should all be very concerned with truth. But I’m afraid that many systematic theologians (not just Calvinists) are not just concerned with truth, they’re concerned with winning debates, and having a corner on a detailed propositional “truth” which goes far beyond what God has actually revealed to us.

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