Top Ten Terrible Ideas for a Themed Party

Lately I’ve been astounded by the sheer ubiquity of the “Themed Party”, to the point where it’s become unthinkable to have a party without a zany theme. So as you’re planning your next shin-dig, allow me to help steer you clear of some potential pitfalls as I offer my original “Top Ten Terrible Ideas for Themed Party.” Fore-warned is Fore-armed, so if I see any of these parties in my Facebook Events, you can expect to find my name under “Not Attending.” Here goes…

10. “Drinking for Two” Baby Shower

9. Carbon Neutral Surprise Birthday Party! (everyone stay home, do nothing)

8. Holocaust Halloween

7. “Beer” Party

6. Prima Nocta Bridal Shower

5. “Night of the Motionless Dead” Masquerade

4. Glee

3. Free-Beer-but-Ten-Dollars-at-the-Bathroom-Door Benefit Show

2. “Presidents of the 80s” Decade Dance

And the Number One Terrible Idea for a Themed Party…

1. “Super Bowl”

High Five!

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One Response to Top Ten Terrible Ideas for a Themed Party

  1. rwiksell says:

    I heard about a local pub that did something similar to #3 above. They sold pitchers of beer for a penny, but as soon as the first person went to the restroom, the price would go up to normal. Apparently there were guys guarding each bathroom to make sure nobody went in, and there were people going out into the street to relieve themselves. Like I said… terrible idea.

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