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It’s time to confess that I’ve been too tired and/or busy to come up with many original blog posts, in addition to preparing for a Sunday morning message each week. Now I understand why most pastors’ blogs are so boring and sporadic. Of course most of them aren’t working full-time jobs on the side.

So I’m going to start a little series where I get other people to write my blog for me, and I’m calling it “FroPo in its Own Words”

The first installment will be from Tabitha, one of our very first volunteers to join up, back in 2007.

I walk in the door and I feel like I’m walking into a best friends house, but I’m not at a house…welcome to the Front Porch.

It might as well be my home away from home. I probably spend just as much time here as I do at home…and if I don’t it sure feels like I do. I’d rather be here than home most days, surrounded by strangers && friends – an awkward sort of family.

I’m at a concert right now, in similar fashion to last weekend…and in similar fashion to weekends past. Random concerts, open mic nights, Sunday morning worship, && Wednesday night discussion groups – it’s genuine honest community and it’s real.

It’s a real place with real people that I haven’t encountered anywhere else. I don’t know if that makes sense in the way I want it to, but it makes sense to me…

I’m the Sunday morning heckler && the random night barista, the open mic night emcee && the [insert title here].

I don’t really know what to say about the FroPo other than that it feels like home and it feels safe.

So there’s that…

If you are a regular at the Front Porch, and would like to contribute to this series, just send me an e-mail.


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