Rock the Vote… Today’s the Day!

OK, here we go. Six months in the planning, but Rock the Vote is today!

The promotion was great, the food will be great, the bands will be great… we’ve had a few distressing cancellations, but nothing to freak out over.

The only thing that really concerns us is Barack Obama, and the fact that he is holding a rally IN SPRINGFIELD at 9 pm tonight. We’ve been planning our event for months, and then three days in advance we hear that we’ll be competing with probably the most intriguing person in the world right now.

One encouraging point is that they are holding the rally at JFK Stadium, at Parkview High School. The bleachers at JFK might hold 2000 people. And maybe another 6000 can stand around on the field. But here’s the catch… it’s likely that Obama can draw 20,000 people here. The doors open at 6, and the rally starts at 9. To have any hope of getting in, my guess is that one would have to arrive no later than 3 pm. That means standing in line for three hours waiting for the doors open, waiting around another 3 hours for the rally to even begin, and then waiting around while several minor politicians give their speeches, before actually seeing Barack. So even those who get in will have to expect a lot of standing around.

So we’ve got a few volunteers who will be passing out Rock the Vote flyers to those at the end of the line to get in. Maybe if they get turned back, they’ll discover that there’s something else they can do with their evening. 😉

At any rate, this eventuality has certainly forced us to renew our trust that God is behind all this. It may be that got a little over-confident, thinking we can actually pull this off. We’ll consider this our wake-up call. We’ve done our best, but God is the only one who has ever really made the Front Porch work, and we’ll trust him to make it happen his own way today.

In case you’re interested, I’ll wrap up this post with some info about today’s event. If you’re reading this on November 1, I hope to see you there!

Front Porch (310 South Ave) Schedule:
12 pm – Chris Aytes
1 pm – Forever4You
2 pm – Erase the Pages
3 pm – Danny Wood
4 pm – Stellar’s Jay
5 pm – Afraid of Monsters
6 pm – Improv Impaired
7 pm – Sunshine Street
8 pm – Superstar Runner
9 pm – Quell (Isaac Neale)
10 pm – Moonhoney
11 pm – Cindy Woolf

Randy Bacon (600 W. College St.) Schedule:
6 pm – Tall, Dark & Handsomes
7 pm – SaltBox
8 pm – Offset Sunset
9 pm – Time of Favor
10 pm – The Beautiful Losers
11 pm – The Sham

Figment (600 W. College St.) Schedule:
6 pm – Bobby Gardner
7 pm – Liz Sapp
8 pm – Emergency Poncho
9 pm – Honeylung
10 pm – Lance Sitton
11 pm – Lyal Strickland

Ticket Prices now vary by admission time:
Noon – 6 pm: $15
6 – 9 pm: $10
9 – 11 pm: $7
11 pm – midnight: Any donation
(That’s if there are tickets left…)

Food will be provided for purchase from:
Big Momma’s
Jimmy John’s
Arris Pizza

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