An Exciting Thing and a Boring Thing

Here’s a quickie to give everybody a few bits of news…

1. Rock the Vote tickets went on sale TODAY! We’ve got 24 bands lined up, and the tickets are only $13 in advance ($15 at the door). Take the link to see all the details. Right now there are four places to buy tickets, and we are working very hard to make them available online. Stay tuned…

2. Although I don’t fully understand why, there are a few people who would like to be able to read my notes for my Sunday morning messages. Insomnia, most likely. Whatever the reason for the requests, I have created a new page on the website to make those available to everyone: Message Notes

Here’s a bonus (I think this fits more under the “boring” category.) You may be expecting this week’s message in our Eight Excuses to Party series to be about Simcha Torah, but instead it will be about Shabbat (the Sabbath.) Earth-shaking, I know.

By the way, thanks to everybody who danced last Sunday!

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