Worship Gatherings – Rounding out 2008

Here is a list of the discussion topics for The Core Worship Gathering through the end of 2008. The Gathering takes place at the Front Porch each Sunday morning at 10:30, with a free brunch at 10. All dates, topics and titles are subject to change without notice. (Deal with it!)

This coming Sunday, August 10, will be the final message in the Be + Live series: Salvation (“Think of the Savings.”)

The Sunday after that, Michael “Mik” Mikulan will speak. In the next few days he will announce his topic.

Jesus’ Take (or: How to be an Impolite Dinner Guest) – Volume I

On August 24 we will begin a series on hot-button social issues, that will be split in half. The first half will be four weeks long, and run through September 14. It will pick up again with Volume II in early 2009.

August 24 – Fighting the War on Violence (Jesus’ Take on War)
August 31 – Those Poor People (Jesus’ Take on Poverty)
September 7 – Human Traffic Jam (Jesus’ Take on Forced Prostitution and Slavery)
September 14 – Feeding the Fever (Jesus’ Take on Global Warming and the Environment)

September 21 will be open to a guest speaker.

Eight Excuses to Party

Beginning September 28 will be an 8-week series (with a one-week break in the middle) about the Jewish holidays, and how they map out God’s redemptive journey with mankind.

The first four holidays actually correspond on the calendar to the following dates (meaning, the holiday takes place a few days after we will be discussing it.) The next four do not occur during autumn at all.

September 28 – The Ultimate Trumpet Solo (Rosh Hoshanah)
October 5 – The Anti-Party (Yom Kippur)
October 12 – Grown-ups Building Little Forts (Sukkot)
October 19 – Dancing in the Streets (Simkha Torah)

October 26 – Break for a guest speaker

November 2 – Like Halloween without the Evil (Purim)
November 9 – 3000 Calories, Zero Carbs (Passover)
November 16 – From Stone Tablets to Flaming Hair (Shavuot/Pentecost)
November 23 – Eight Crazy Nights (Hanukkah)

Advent Conspiracy

I’ve wanted The Core to be able to do this for over a year now. Advent Conspiracy was founded by Imago Dei Community in Portland, Oregon, and is a group of churches who have banded together to take the commercialism, materialism and stress out of Christmas, and return it to a holiday of true giving, genuine worship, and real love.

November 30 – The Most Stressful Time of the Year (The art of spending less)
December 7 – Water to the Thirsty (The art of giving more)
December 14 – Wealth Through Poverty (The art of Christlike love)
December 21 – God in the Flesh (The power of Incarnation)

December 28 will be open to a guest speaker


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