Rock the Vote – Coming in November

This is just a sneak preview for you blog readers. The Front Porch is teaming up with Randy Bacon and Springfield Music to bring you the local music event of the year on Saturday November 1: Rock the Vote 2008!

As you can see from the poster prototype, there will be (at least) three stages, the Front Porch, Randy Bacon Studio, and the studio next door to Randy Bacon, called Figment. Each stage will host its own style of music, and no matter where you are, there will be opportunities to register to vote, and to learn more about the major candidates in an informative, even-handed way.

The plan is to have at least two dozen bands, mostly local, but also to include several touring acts, and hopefully one big-name draw from outside the area. All proceeds will go to the continuing work of the Front Porch, but the main idea is to get people excited about exercising their right to vote the following Tuesday.

I’ll definitely be keeping you up to speed on the details. If you know of any bands who would like to contribute to this effort, ideally for free, you can contact Ben Johnson at or if you’d like to help out in any way, please e-mail Christina Wiksell at But in the meantime, just put it on your calendar and I’ll plan to see you there!


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