The Core & The Front Porch

The Core Fellowship was an independent body of Christ-followers which was founded in February 2006, and met for the last time on December 4, 2011. From August 31 onward, it gathered each Sunday morning at the Front Porch, a social venue which was located at 310 South Avenue, in historic downtown Springfield, Missouri. In addition to Sunday Gatherings, The Core Fellowship hosted a wide variety of events and activities, including live concerts, open mic nights, discussion groups, rotating art exhibits, movie nights, game nights, potlucks, dance parties, fundraisers, meetings and numerous private events.

Although The Core and the Front Porch are now no longer, the body and the vision live on. This is possible thanks to an organization located directly across the street (315 South Avenue) called Canvas, which also runs a social venue, with an emphasis on visual art and theatre. As of December 11, 2011, the people of The Core will gather with Canvas for worship each Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Beginning in early 2012, many of the functions normally carried on at the Front Porch will be re-located at Canvas, including live concerts, open mic nights, a hands-on art club, and much more.

Ryan Wiksell, The Core Pastor, and Christina Wiksell, Front Porch Director, would both like to express their sincere appreciation to all the volunteers that helped this effort to launch, and to last longer than 1 day. Each and every individual made a difference, and helped to shape this community in a unique way. From the bottom of our hearts… Thank You.


This website continues to exists for four reasons: 1) to collect all those who still find The Core and the Front Porch (whether intentionally or incidentally) and direct them to Canvas. 2) to host the archives of The Core Blog for posterity, 3) to host the archives of The Core’s audio recordings, and the teaching of Ryan Wiksell, and 4) to pay tribute to the legacy of the Front Porch in downtown Springfield.


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  1. I’m so glad to have discovered your blog! I’ve had a look around here and at your very cool web-site and want to commend you for your part in what I feel is a vital ministry for the whole city of Springfield!


    I’m originally from Spfd, and I’d like to come and visit sometime soon. I’m also interested in learning about the outreach ministries that are going on!

    May God continue to bless your ministry!

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